How to resist donuts at work

Feb 02, 2024

You can’t just “not” because you “shouldn’t.” 


Instead, hack the super quick equation your brain is completing when making the decision. 


The equation is simple.

Desire for productivity > desire for donuts


You have to want productivity more than you want donuts. BUT now that we understand this very simple idea, we can dig in and discover how to tip the scale.


Desire for productivity ✅ = how excited you are for what you are working on 🙌🏼 PLUS (+) the % less productive you will be after eating donuts ❌ * amount of time you will be less productive ⏱️

Desire for donuts 🍩 = impulse desire to grab a donut 🫱🏼+ desire for donut goodness 🤤


I.e.  ✅ > 🍩

OR 🙌🏼 + (%❌ x ⏱️) > 🫱🏼+🤤


Now you can start to see how to tip the scale.


1️⃣ Don’t impulse grab (🫱🏼)

Right there you take out a HUGE part of the desire for donuts equation. Take courage not to grab one, even if you just arrived there with a colleague and they do it. Do whatever you were already doing there and wait to grab the donut even for a moment.


2️⃣ Be convinced of donut taking out your productivity (%)

If you are convinced, this percentage will be bigger in your instantaneous brain calculation of what you should do.

It’s scientific that if you eat the sugar in donuts, it is super easily absorbed into your blood and rushes to your brain. Insulin then kicks in to level your blood sugar and you are left with less sugar in your blood and tired. Something like that at least…

Remember when you last ate sugar when you were feeling decently motivated, what happened after? Did you stay motivated and eager to keep at it? 

NO you didn’t! BE HONEST!!!


3️⃣ Look at the equation above and decide for yourself!

There are a lot of other options to throw in here. Not excited about what you are working on? Perhaps you’re a goner. Decide to work on something better maybe. 

Or decrease the goodness factor, realize that those are stale, or that you won’t eat them long so it’s really not that great. 

Or think on how long the afternoon will feel if you aren’t motivated (i.e. the time factor).


Tips to eat donuts well

Maybe I’m alone, but I think there are ways to actually get away with eating a donut. 

  1. Eat it during a meal so your blood sugar doesn’t spike the same.
  2. Eat it early enough to recover with coffee and still get to bed tonight
  3. Eat it before a social situation or some time you’ll have enough recovery time before having to do focused thinking.


There you have it! Enjoy (or DON’T enjoy) that donut!

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